Sterling Srl is a family business which collaborates with and supports the customer from the beginning in every assembly and wiring production phase.

From January 2016, it has started the production of Electromagnetic Interference Filters under Sterling Srl’s label.

It is located in the geographical area of Brianza, very close to Milan, epicentre of excellent industrial and technological examples and reference point of the Italian economy.

Thanks to the employment of technologies always new, Sterling Srl focuses on the innovation of its products, without giving up the craftsmanship that has characterized the company since its beginning and that today takes the form of the hands of its expert employees, with their unique technical competencies, who are one of the biggest resources of the company.

The action of Sterling is inseparable from the collaboration with the suppliers in order to get the best raw materials and components. Trust is the basis of the relationship between the two for a long-term collaboration.

According to a differentiation strategy of products and thanks to the highest quality of its materials, Sterling Srl’s final objective is to be the partner of its clients in order to offer customized solutions and the best quality.

The history of Sterling Srl begins in January 1995 at Tregasio (MB) when Cesare Radaelli decides to start its own business. He doesn’t have the proper facilities, nor the “tools of the trade”. Everything is like a bet. Therefore, he equips himself with the necessary tools, finds a small workshop and starts wiring and assembling electrical cables thanks to the increasing orders. Also the first employees are hired.

The need of bigger spaces occurs very soon and in 1998 Sterling Srl moves to Canonica Lambro (MB) after purchasing new premises of 550 square meters.

In 1999 Sterling Srl acquires the first company. The corporation "Bagno 80" is integrated with Sterling Srl and the employees rise up to 20. But soon again the buildings become not enough and Sterling Srl rents other facilities in order to satisfy the increasing production. Meanwhile, Sterling Srl establishes a reputation for its competences, quality and reliability.

In 2007 during the second acquisition. Sterling Srl buys the corporation Elmec Srl located in Abbadia Lariana (LC). For the third time Sterling Srl needs a bigger facility, therefore moves to Sovico (MB) into a newly acquired building of 1200 square meters, where the company still operates. The employee number grows up to 25.

In 2008 the financial crisis spreads into a real economy crisis and Sterling Srl cannot avoid it. Nevertheless, Sterling Srl endures and develops a new know-how: beside assembling and wiring activities the production of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Filters on behalf of third parties is introduced. Starting from January 2016, Sterling Srl develops its EMI Filters under its own label thanks to an excellent distributing network and the engineering support. And now… the story continues towards new objectives and horizons!

The people working at Sterling Srl’s constitute the strength of the company, always ready to assist its customers with dynamism, competence and smartness.

The sharing of both success and difficulties throughout the years has brought the human capital together around this mission:
“work well while creating a familiar environment around ourselves”.

The owner and CEO Cesare Radaelli has developed his professional experience while working in a big company of electronic devices in Erba (CO) for nearly twenty years. Afterwards, he has undertaken a different path becoming the responsible in charge of a Cooperative for the inclusion of disabled people into the job market. Today that he is in charge of its own company, he carries on with its professional relationship with the companies he previously worked at.

Beside Cesare Radaelli there is his wife, Luciana Crippa who has been a teacher for over twenty years until the decision to accompany her husband in the new undertaking. She is in charge of the accounting. Together, with dedication and determination, they took important decisions for the development of the company.

In support of the owners, there are the closest collaborators including those of the Purchasing Office, Sales Department, Technical Office, and Accounting Department. Most of them started working in the production department and then moved to the other offices after acquiring the necessary competencies and knowledge. A choice which has led to added value in the direction of the business.

The staff of the Production Department is also paramount. Much of it has started working at Sterling Srl’s since the incorporation of the company, hence, acquiring the culture of the owners from the beginning. Today our company is represented by 25 people.

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